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Steps for creating or resetting password

1. Click 'Generate M-Code'. In the boxes which appear, enter your Student ID, and one of your Registered Mobile Numbers, & then press 'Send M-Code'. One SMS containing the M-Code (for example 'A3DF4') will be immediately delivered to this Registered Mobile Number. Copy this M-Code. This M-Code will expire after 15 minutes.
Click hear to Generate M-Code.

2. Click 'Submit M-Code & Generate Password'. . In the box that appears now, enter the obtained M-Code, and press 'Submit' to verify your identity. In the new window that comes up, enter a password of your choice, and then confirm it by re-entering the password. Then, press 'Update'.
Click hear to Submit M-Code & Generate Password.

3. Now, you can anytime go to the Student Zone Login window, and use your Student ID and Password to login into your Student Zone Account.

4. For any problems, you can register your complaint with
Level 1: 8349992501/2502,
Level 2: 9993464222.